Ventz Range - Rider Cooling System

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Could they shatter in an accident?

Ventz are made from shatter proof materials and the inside is synthetic rubber, making them both safe and comfortable.

Do they come as a pair?


Do they work for the pillion passenger?

Yes, pillion riders normally suffer the most from overheating because direct airflow is blocked by the rider, using Ventz the pillion is free to put their arms into the airflow as and when a shot of cooling breeze is needed.

Do I need gloves to hold them in place?

No. The flexible clip on top of the Ventz module will secure the unit in place with or without gloves being worn.

What if the weather changes and it gets cold?

Ventz can be easily removed and stored in your pockets. Should the weather change again you can re attach them and carry on with your journey. The cooling effect will stop the moment you take them off and start again the moment you fit them, making them very versatile.

Will they fit in my pocket?

Ventz efficient design mean that the product is very portable, fitting into almost all pockets.

I wear my cuffs open or just travel in a T-Shirt.

For safety reasons Ventz would strongly advise against this, which would have potential serious effects on the safety of the rider and/or passenger in a crash. The correct protective clothing should always be worn, if it gets too hot fit Ventz, but be safe!

I wear a very tight Jacket, will they still work?

To perform at their optimum level, Ventz need a slight air space for the air to circulate. If the jacket is very tight this air space is minimal and the circulation of air will be reduced, though there will be a slight benefit.

I want a different colour to what you have listed?

Please drop us an email and speak to our friendly team who will be happy to help you with this