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An Idea Turned To Reality...

During a biking holiday with the lads down in the south of France the other year things were getting very hot and sticky due to the excessive heat of the typical Mediterranean climate. I had noticed some of my mates were reaching across to either arm and lifting their cuffs, curious I did the same and the result was a wonderful refreshing blast of cooling air straight up my sleeve it was sheer bliss!
I then got to thinking there’s a product here, it was my Eureka moment! For the next hundred miles or so in the solitude of my helmet my mind was at work and by the time we had got to the next “refreshment” stop the initial concept for Ventz was born and taking shape. When I returned home I commissioned a design company and, to cut a long story short, I ended up with the product that you see above.

The Science Behind Ventz

Ventz is designed to reduce the excessive build up of latent heat under the protective clothing worn by most motorcyclists. Click here to view our full Product Evaluation Report.

Martin Warren,

Managing Director