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About Ventz

An Idea Turned To Reality...

During a biking holiday with some friends in the south of France things were getting very hot and uncomfortable riding in the summer heat of the Mediterranean.Desperate for some relief from the heat I simply reached across and lifted my cuff to open it up to the oncoming wind, the result was a wonderful refreshing blast of cooling air straight up my sleeve, it was sheer bliss! Simple but extremely effective.
For the next hundred miles or so, constantly lifting my cuffs, I realised it would be much better if I could use something to permanently hold my cuffs open without the need to keep reaching across.
When I returned home I immediately started to experiment, making all sorts of prototypes until I came up with an effective solution that I was happy with and after using them myself to great effect I decided if they work this well for me then other motorcyclists may also like to benefit from their use, so I decided to develop the concept into a product and to cut a long story short, I produced the product that you see above "Ventz".

The Science Behind Ventz

Ventz is designed to reduce the excessive build up of latent heat under the protective clothing worn by most motorcyclists. Click here to view our full Product Evaluation Report.

Martin Warren,

Managing Director