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When a jacket finishes off your look perfectly

Ventz, along with any motorbike fanatic knows one of the Best Summer motorbike jackets when they see one.

But did you know that the coveted leather motorbike jacket started its life off back during the second world war. Back then it was also known as the ‘Bomber Jacket’. It was much sought after by those working in the military and air force due to its protective qualities and the heavy-duty fabric. It was originally created in brown leather, before moving on to the much more popular black leather. Following on from the war the jacket soon started to seep into the everyday life of civilians and the popularity of the jacket soared again as a result of its durability and lifespan.

Motorbike jacket

Irving Schott took the design skills that he and his brother had developed in the making of rain coats and applied this to adapting the look of the original bomber jackets. The jacket was cut to fit a man’s body perfectly and Schott took the design along to the Harley-Davidson shop in New York where it soon became a staple in the wardrobes of many members of the biking community.

During the 1950s and 1960s the popularity of the biker jacket further increased. It began to be seen somewhat as a symbol of rebellion and a cool image. It started to define the different outlook in the cultures of the adults and the youth at the time. Groups of young men could be seen gathered together all proudly wearing their biker jacket, usually with a gel-filled hair design to go along with it. Marlon Brando is created with some of the surge in the popularity of these jacket styles following on from his performance in ‘The Wild Ones’ back in 1953 wearing one such jacket.

Leather motorbike jacket

Once the iconic look was picked up by music bands and more and more celebrities the popularity seemed to increase on almost a daily basis. The punk and rock genres took the look and made it their own and the leather jacket almost became synonymous with these styles of music. It was then further boosted by the likes of Elvis, The Beatles and Steve McQueen.

Fast forward to the 1980s and the jacket once again became a popular must have wardrobe item, as much more women as it had been in the past for men. This in part was due to the incredible success of the film Top Gun, where both Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis can be seen in numerous scenes wearing leather and bomber style jackets, as you would expect in a film about fighter pilots.

It seems that the leather jacket, inspired by the military style jackets and taken into the heart of the biker community will continue to have a place in many wardrobes across the world. Whether old or young there is a style of jacket that will suit you and will be a staple in your clothing options for many years to come.


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