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What you wear on your bike is very important

Solid motorbiking gear is essential for you to have whenever you go out riding. Just sticking on a helmet and at-shirt is asking for trouble and there are several ways that you can ensure that you have the right gear for biking whatever the weather. Cheap summer motorbike clothing and that for winter in fact all the season can easily be found but make sure you go with the highest quality you can afford. Clothing is important as it can be the difference with you getting hurt and protecting yourself to avoid that situation should it arise. What do you need for the basics seeing as how the array of clothing available is extensive.

Motorbike gear

We shouldn’t need to tell you that the crash helmet is a part of law and must be worn at all times, so we’ll leave that aside and move on to the next thing in your arsenal Gloves. This are useful whatever the time of year as they protect your hands from anything and everything that can be thrown up of the road. Not only that in an accident tis a natural reaction to put out your hands to protect yourself and gloves can stop and lacerations of painful bruising that can occur. You need to make sure that the gloves fit tightly as they can cause issues worth you control of the bike if they are too big. There are main types depending on thickness and style and you should make sure you have a pair that deals with all weathers.

Clothing itself depends on the time of year but if you can get something that is reflective then this is always a good idea. Again, if you do come of the bike decent clothing can protect you from the worst of it but don’t take our word for it the governments Hurt report agreed that material that was thick could easily provide you with a very high degree of protection. There are many types that come fitted with vents and flaps that allow the air in a bit but also when closed will direct the wind away from your body giving you more protection and greater stability in high winds.

Motorbike helmet

Leather has always been the weapon of choice for the biker when it comes to materials whilst there are others material developed this is what the biker always seems to return to. As long as you factor in some reflective material like a jacket or vest you will find that this is still a useful way of keeping warm on a bike. The wind chill factor is something that all riders need to remember, and a leather or all-weather suit is a must. A jacket of some kind should always be worn when riding anyway to reduce the amount skin dryness and sunburn that can occur.

Make sure you have something at least but be mindfull of your budget always. Happy riding.


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