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What to Remember if you are Just Starting Out

If you have only just started to enjoy the wonderful freedom that owning and riding your own motorbike can offer you, congratulations it’s great! You may feel very confident and be raring to go off on your bike, or you may be feeling a bit daunted. Both are normal, and however you feel, there are a few things to remember if you are a new motorbike rider.

 Own a motorbike

Ensure your bike has ABS – ABS (anti-lock brake system) is essential to a new motorcyclist – it is a much safer to have a bike with this, as it is there to help you to brake hard in an emergency. There are many videos online demonstrating how a bike with ABS versus a bike without fares in these conditions and it is safe to say as a new rider in particular, a bike with ABS is a much better choice than one without.

Make sure that you have the right protective gear – Even the most experienced and competent riders have a fall from their bike from time to time, but more inexperienced riders are more likely to have this happen. Most falls are minor and nothing to worry about, but what will make the difference between a serious injury or a few cuts and bruises is the right protective gear. Don’t be tempted, during the summer months to wear less clothing because of the heat. There are plenty of ways to cool down whilst riding under a hot sun and remain well protected - make sure that you have a motorbike accessory to keep you cool when riding.

Motorcycle laws

Familiarise yourself with the motorcycle laws – Speaking of keeping cool when you are riding, many motorcyclists enjoy taking their bikes abroad during their summer holiday. It is a great idea and allows you to see a great deal of the country that you are visiting and plan your own route. But many people face heavy fines and penalties, or risk accidents by not knowing the motorcycle laws of the place they are visiting. Even at home, it is important before you go out on your bike to make sure that you know the rules of the road for motorcyclists.

Get to know your bike – In the excitement of purchasing your first bike, it is tempting to get straight on it and take it for a spin – but you are at much greater risk of damage to both yourself and the bike if you do this! Spend time checking your bike to ensure that it is in good working order, familiarise yourself with the controls and if possible, take it somewhere safe and quiet, during a part of the day when there isn’t much traffic around to get used to using it.

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