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What to pack for a Summer Bike Tour

With limited space, deciding what to pack can be a headache. What you pack can make a huge difference when you’re out on the road. Pack too much and your motorbike is more awkward to handle, and it will take you forever to find anything, as it’s all crammed in. It’s also not ideal to travel so light, you only have the clothes you’re wearing and a credit card! Here’s how to find a happy medium and only pack what you really need:


If you’re fighting to cram everything into your luggage, think lightweight. Choose lightweight outdoor clothing, such as Summer motorbike clothing, as opposed to bulky jumpers and jeans and a lightweight towel as opposed to a thick, bath towel. Try to pack garments that serve a dual purpose, for example, a mid-layer you can wear on the bike and in the evening down the pub. A bottle of travel wash and plenty of change for the laundrette is always an option.

What to pack for motorbike tour


Batteries and chargers tend to be bulky items so consider carrying a universal charger for your multitude of gadgets like laptops, phones, tablets and digital cameras. Alternatively, just leave it all at home except your smartphone.


Having a few essentials could prove to be a life-saver when you’re stuck at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Instead of waiting for hours for the recovery vehicle, you could simply turn an unexpected stop into a chance to enjoy the scenery while you have a quick tinker. Don’t get carried away though and only take what you can fit on your bike and only tools you are most likely to need. There are plenty of compact tool kits for bikes available.


Pack super light by using only what you get free in B&Bs and hotels or if you’re not brave enough to take that gamble, share a few essentials with other riders in your group or your pillion.


You might want to consider investing in motorbike-designed camping gear which weighs a lot less than the standard gear. Kit for cyclists is although worth a look, as if they can carry it then you can on a motorbike!

Compression Sacks

These are a great idea for keeping items separated and waterproof. They compress and separate clothes and toiletries to make packing and unpacking a piece of cake. Remember to aim for an even distribution of weight between panniers and keep panniers low down and forward-positioned to help with better balance and handling of the bike.

Motorbike tour


A GPS device can save a lot of hassle, rather than wrestling with a map at the side of the road. You can purchase Sat-Nav devices designed specifically for motorcycles.

High Visibility

If you’re travelling abroad, wearing a high viz vest is a legal requirement in some European countries.


The ability to talk to your pillion or fellow riders will make for a much easier and pleasurable journey. Make sure you pack this before you head off on your next adventure. 


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