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The romance and thrill of a motorbike on the big screen

Motorbikes have long been linked with both romance and action films and the adrenalin fuelled scenes of some top movies will at some point involve a motorbike and rider. This adds to some of the appeal of owning a bike and putting on your Summer biker clothing and setting for a long bike ride out into the countryside. Perhaps stopping off at a small countryside pub for a snack and glass of lemonade before returning home again.


If you enjoy watching a good motorbike chase or perhaps the passion sparking between a handsome motorcyclist and his equally as beautiful passenger, then here are some of the top motorbike movie scenes.

 Movie scene with motorbike

Tron original version

This is not strictly a bike race as such mainly because the characters use light cycles, computer generated bikes racing on a games grid. The three “programs” Tron, Flynn and Ram are pitted against three warriors caste members and they must drive them into walls of “hard light” that stem from the back of the bike. The cycles go at incredible speeds and also make exact ninety degree turns which would be very useful in traffic and the rush hour. The three programs when causing one of the bikes to crash into the grid wall where the escape. There freedom is short lived however as they are soon pursued by tanks and flying “Recognisers” who chase them through valley, tight pathways and bridges in the computers system.


Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade

After one of the worst Scottish accents regarding tapestries every recorded to cinema history (and a direct reference to the heritage of his Dad played by the very Scottish Sean Connery) Indiana Jones has rescued his father from the Schloss and they need to escape out of Germany as soon as possible. They lure some Nazi’s into the boat house fooling them into thinking they are escaping via a boat. However, to the Germans surprise, and ours, they suddenly gun out of a massive box riding a motorbike and sidecar.  Their escape is short lived as they are soon chased by 4 German’s on bikes. Luckily the bike isn’t weighted down by the side car and extra passenger and it seems to keep well ahead of the single bikes. When one does draw level a quick umbrella from the senior Doctor Jones see’s them off. A border barrier is no stopping issue and a handy flag pole used as a lance and then shoved into a wheel soon puts the Huns out of it and the good Doctor’s make their escape.

 Movie actor known for riding on a motorbike

The Great Escape

This is a real classic made famous by repeats every Christmas and Easter or, so it seemed in the 70’s and 80’s. Steve McQueen’s character Hilts “The Cooler King” so called because he constantly ends up in the cells throwing a baseball at the wall. After his escape he steals a bike, blending in perfectly to the East European mid twentieth century style by wearing a blue T-Shirt and Chinos, and uses the brilliant fuel economy of the bike to get from Poland, through Bavaria and up into the Alps and Switzerland. Here is serious of breath-taking jumps he manages to leap several barbed wire fences only to fail at the last one. The British with all their logistics and planning just get shot

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