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The problem of an Engine overheating and how to stop it

The last thing you need when your out on a ride is the feeling of heat coming for the engine. There can be a number of reasons for an engine starting to overheat and you can take steps to stop it happening and becoming an issue. Leaving it will only cause more serious problems later on. You should also take care of yourself over heating and the best way to do that is make sure you have a complete range of Summer biker clothing to choose from when you are out and about on your bike.

Motorbike engine

The causes of overheating are usually linked to taking a very long ride or being stuck in traffic for a considerable length of time. There are two ways that a bike engine is cooled, and both can suffer in heat and driving conditions. One method is having the engine air cooled. This is fine until you have extremes of hot weather or if you stuck and not moving there is no way that cool air can get to the engine. A coolant-based system is much better placed to deal with this situation and a long ride as it also has the combination of a radiator fan to also keep the radiator in a positive way. If any of these systems start to fail, then the engine will begin to start to overheat.

There are certain practices that you can d to help stop this from happening. First off before you set off in the morning start up the bile but do not over rev it straight away. The best thing to do is to allow it run for a few minutes. This will allow the engine oil to fully coat everything and get up to a nice warm temperature, but not too warm and keep the engine in tip top condition.  This also means that the carburettor setting needs to be correctly calibrated if this is wrong then overheating can occur. It is a good idea to make sure that you regularly check and change the engine oil as well so that the quality his up to scratch and coating everything correctly. Its suggested by many motoring experts that this change should occur everyone thousand eight hundred miles.

 Motorbike overheating

One other think to check regularly is the Coolant levels. This also need to be a of a decent coolant be completely effective. It also needs to be mixed with the correct amount of distilled water. One common problem may well be that the radiator and its fan-based system is faulty itself. Again, in comes down to regular checks of the machines innards and also ensuring that the radiator fan itself is nice and clean. It’s a surprisingly small part of the engine the fan but it does perform a major role in stopping the engine from overheating and ensuring that you have a hefty bill for a damaged engine. Its also a good idea not to over rev whilst you are out riding too.

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