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See France in the best way – By Motorbike!

Going abroad with your bike is every motorcycle lover’s dream – the open road to explore combined with the fact you are on holiday is the best feeling you can have. If you have not been to France before, or you are considering taking your motorbike abroad and are unsure where to begin, France is the ideal place! France has such a range of landscapes, and over one million kilometres of road to explore - it will be impossible to fit in everything in one trip and being so close to home it is relatively hassle free compared to some countries.

Holiday in France on your motorbike

Where you want to go in France is up to you, but it is worth doing plenty of research and planning your trip thoroughly before you go. If you are heading to the South remember the weather will be considerably warmer, especially during the summer, so you will need to ensure that you pack accordingly. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, cheap summer motorbike jackets and trousers are the main thing that you will need to take, as well as the usual supplies.

In France the D and N roads are the equivalent of the A and B roads in the UK and are great for taking your motorbike on. Depending on how much time you have, you can travel through some stunning scenic routes on your way South – if you don’t have as much time, it is much faster to travel along the motorway.

It is worth familiarising yourself with the French road laws before you go. On the motorway, it is 130 Kilometres per hour (unless it is raining, when it drops to 110 kilometres per hour). Many people don’t know that in France, all motorcycles when moving must display dipped headlights – regardless of the time of day. Also, if you need glasses in order to safely ride your bike, you will be expected to carry a spare pair with you, and if you are caught not doing so you will be fined! So, it is worth checking up on the road regulations if you aren’t sure of them.

Ride your motorbike to france

Where you travel to in the country is entirely up to you – many bikers enjoy the South for its great roads, weather and beaches. If you want some spectacular views and scenic countryside, head towards the Alps, ideally during the summer months as snow tends to linger right up until March in the winter.

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