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Riding for two weeks across Route 66

Route 66 is a highway in America which takes you from Chicago in Illinois across to Santa Monica in California, crossing through eight states along the way and passing through three different time zones. It is a route that people travel from all over the world to visit and experience. With some drivers and motorbike riders taking time out to travel the entire length of the 66 and others opting for a guided tour where their luggage is carried for them in a support vehicle and they are taken along the route by someone who has vast experience of the area.

 Route 66 Motorcyclist

What should you consider when planning this trip of a lifetime?


It can take around two weeks for you to travel the 2448 miles and is best completed during favourable weather, so you may want to find out what months have the fairest weather. Route 66 is not one that you want to rush. There are some beautiful spots along the way as well as museums and historic sites to visit and some wonderful places to stop, rest and grab a bite to eat. If you don’t have two weeks to dedicate to travelling across America, you may want to choose the section of the route that you most want to complete and then return at another point to complete the other sections.

Equipment and Supplies

It is important to remember to take suitable clothing and supplies with you. We would recommend purchasing some Summer biker gear if you are going to compete this journey during the summer months, so you can keep yourself cool and protected at the same time. You need to take into consideration the fact that as you cross America you may find that the weather and temperatures change dramatically.

Keeping yourself hydrated is also important as you don’t want to end up only completing half of the route because you have become too dehydrated to continue. In terms of keeping yourself hydrated there are many stops along the way but there are also long stretches of road where there is nothing but you and the environment around it. It is therefore a good idea to take bottles of water along with you and snacks to eat on your journey.

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Riding in comfort

2448 miles is a long distance to cover and this may impact your choice of bike as it is much more about comfort than style. The roads along the way are not all beautifully smooth and tarmacked, so speed racing along the tracks is not a viable or sensible option. You will often find people completing this journey sitting on a Harley motorbike, as this is a style that lends itself to increased comfort. Many people travel Route 66 with a passenger and so considering their comfort is also essential. This again is where the style of your bike can have an impact on your overall experience.


Once you have dedicated the time for your trip, planned and packed all of your clothing and supplies you are all set for experiencing the ride of a lifetime!




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