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Passing that all important motorbike test

The thrill of buying your first bike and kitting yourself out with a Cheap summer motorbike jacket so you can safely enjoy the summer weather is something that many of us here at Ventz have felt and is often much needed are the anxious times of waiting to pass your motorbike test.

Similarly, to passing your car driving test one of the first parts of your motorbike test is the theory exam, which you can sit as soon as you have applied and received your provisional driving licence. One of the important things to remember is that you can retake your theory test as many times as you need and so you shouldn’t panic too much. Although you obviously want to pass as soon as possible. The theory test is made of two parts, a multiple-choice test and a hazards perception test where you will be asked to identify a number of potential hazards whilst watching a video clip.


Once you have passed you theory test it is time for you to practice and sit your practical elements. Again, this is split into two modules. The first part takes place off-road in a place where it is safe for your to manoeuvre around without the potential for other vehicles to be in your way. The test on last around twenty minutes, during which you will be required to complete the following:

  • Slow-riding
  • U-turn completion
  • Wheeling of the motorbike
  • Correctly using the stand on your motorbike
  • Riding in a slalom fashion
  • Figure of eight riding
  • Riding a corner safely followed by stopping in a controlled way
  • Riding a corner safely followed by an emergency stop
  • Riding a corner followed by avoiding a hazard

There is a minimum speed of 31 miles per hour that you must adhere to when completing the emergency stop and hazard avoidance part of the practical test. In order to pass this first module, you must have no serious or dangerous faults and five or less riding faults. Once you have passed the first module you can move onto module two.

 White Motorbike

Module two is where you will be riding on the road. Before your test begins (as with a standard car practical test) you must correctly read a number plate from around twenty metres away and you will be asked a series of show me, tell me style questions where you may be asked where certain parts of the bike are and how you add water to a radiator for example. After this first section you will then be taken off for the road riding portion of the test. This will see you being taken down a normal road route with your examiner on a motorbike behind you giving you instructions on which way to go, you will then undertake around 10 minutes of independent riding where your capability to make safe riding decisions will be assessed by the examiner on the motorbike behind you. During this practical test you must receive no serious or dangerous faults and a maximum of ten riding faults in order to pass.

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