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Must Have Accessories for Motorcyclists

With Christmas on the horizon, thoughts turn to the ideal Christmas gifts – if you are an avid motorcyclist and want to drop some hints, or you are looking for that gift ideas for a motorcyclist in your life that is a bit different form the usual chocolates and bottle of something, here are a few things that every motorcyclist will thank you for. Whether they are a daily commuter on a motorbike, new to the wonderful world of motorbikes or are planning a big motorbike trip abroad!

 Wet weather on a motorbike

Wet Weather Gear – Being on a motorbike in the rain without the right equipment can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. A rain suit is essential for those wet journeys into work on a winter morning, or for those unexpected torrential downpours when riding across Europe! Rain suits are a thin waterproof garment, designed to be worn on top of the usual protective clothing. For the added safety element, it is good to get one in a hi-viz colour, as visibility is worse during wet weather – so as well as keeping you dry, they help you to stay safe.  Don’t forget the feet – rain over boots are like rain suits designed for the feet and sit on top of the riders’ boot to ensure that the feet stay comfortable and dry.

Ear Protection – Riding a motorbike is a noisy activity, and on long journeys the rider’s ears are exposed to loud and irritating noises for longer periods of time, which can lead to hearing loss or tinnitus – not ideal, but avoidable! When travelling at more than 65 miles per hour, the decibel level can be more than 90db – over the threshold considered safe – any noises over 85db can damage the ear and the longer the exposure the more chance of hearing damage occurring. There are a great range of earplugs available that do a great job of protecting the rider from excessive noise that can lead to permanent hearing damage.


Summer Accessories – During the summer it is still important to ensure that protective clothing is worn on a motorbike. As temperatures soar, many motorcyclists are concerned about being too hot and uncomfortable on a motorbike – but there are plenty of things that can keep you cool on a motorbike whilst not sacrificing protection. When looking for the perfect motorbike accessory to keep you cool when riding, there are plenty of lightweight protective clothing items available for the warmer months, and accessories to help keep you cool when riding under the hot summer sun.





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