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Experiencing the thrill of a motorbike track day

One of the best ways that you can experience what it’s like for the greats of Superbikes, is to take part in a Motorbike track day experience. You don’t have to be a massively experience rider or be qualified to ride over 500cc you can usually find a track to suit all your needs. Imagine for example going around Silverstone, the home of all British Motorsport just like the Good Doctor Valentino Rossi himself.

You will need to bring you own bike and have and A2* rating of licence regardless of the size of CC that you are bring to the day. Clothing is also important and regardless of the weather you need to be adequately protected. If you are thinking of visiting during the summer, then some hot weather motorbike gear, usually a full suit is ideal.

 Motorbike on track

What these days are about is the chance to ride around a track and get the feel for it. You will get the chance to open up the throttle a bit but in a safe and measured way. You won’t be able to just turn up and try to beat the track record. You are spilt up into riding groups and then taken around the track and talked through each of the bends and turns. The team leaders are all experts with hundreds of hours of track time and experienced in getting around the course and finding the best lines to enter the bends.

Tracks at Silverstone offer a variety of routes depending on what you’re looking for. For example, you can go around the largest full circuit or use the smaller tracks like Stowe. You’ll actually be in the pits that the real teams use in the races for the duration of the day. The groups are split up into teams of 6 riders and an average session is about 20 minutes on the track of which you’ll have 6 goes. This means that everyone will get a decent amount of track time and really benefit from the day. It’s an early start though with registration usually being between 7 and 8.15. The reason for this is so that you can get a good complimentary breakfast and drink plus be ready to attend the mandatory safety briefing before the day begins. It’s essential that you do otherwise there will be no track time for you.

 Motorbike track leathers

There are some other limitations. You will need to have a full leather suit. You can’t turn up in jeans and t-shirt. Luckily places like Silverstone have suits that you can hire for the day. Your helmet must be EU safety approved and you will need to have insurance. Your general insurance doesn’t cover things like a track day and its wise to see what changes you should make before you embark on the day just in case. The minimum bike engine size is 300cc on a road bike to 125cc on race bike. Generally, riders have to be 20 or over but if the rider has certified years of usage then the age can drop to 18. You will need to take your photo licence with you.

There is no better way to experience the full power of your bike than to take it along to a track day and open it up across the course.

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