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Essential Packing List for a Motorcycle Trip

Heading on holiday on a motorbike is one of the best feelings ever and is the ideal holiday for most motorbike enthusiasts – after all, it is the chance to explore the country and enjoy being on your bike. If you are considering your first motorbike holiday (or you know someone who is and are struggling to think of the perfect Christmas gift!), here are a few things that will make the trip much more comfortable and enjoyable!

Footwear – Whatever the time of year the trip is planned for, weather isn’t always predictable, and a good pair of warm wool socks is a must have for any trip you take on a motorbike. Riding around with cold feet is a very uncomfortable experience! A pair of waterproof boots is also a must have – there may not be room to take more than one pair of boots, as space is scarce on a motorbike, so ensure the pair that you do take are waterproof ones.

 Holiday on a motorbike

Gadgets – There are plenty of gadgets out there that can assist you on your travels, but you won’t have room to take everything! One of the handiest things to have is a portable charger – these are great to have for the peace of mind that if you do happen to brake down in the middle of nowhere with limited battery on your mobile you can still charge it up to call for help. If you are going in a couple or a group, a headset that enables you to speak to your fellow riders is also a great gadget to have for the trip.


Summer Gear - If you are going to be travelling in a hot country, a dark visor or a good pair of sunglasses will be necessary. Think about clothing too - there are some fantastic jackets that keep you cool as well as still offering plenty of protection if you do have a fall – make sure that if you are heading to a hot country that you have packed a motorbike accessory to keep you cool when riding under the hot sun. Make sure to stop for regular water breaks to stay hydrated.


Basic Tool Kit  - A few tools can get you out of a sticky situation on a long journey. Make sure that you have a basic tool kit to take on your trip – a few handy items to carry with you include: a spanner, wrench a torch, chain lube and gaffer tape. It doesn’t have to take a large amount of room, but it could save you from having a holiday nightmare!

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