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Enjoying some of the best routes that Europe has to offer

If you are already wistfully thinking back to your summer holiday and longing for another break away, you might want to consider a motorcycle touring holiday of some of the best landscapes that Europe has to offer. The long summer days and beautiful weather are perfect for riding around with your friends, all dressed in your Summer biker jackets to make the most of the cooler evening breeze, taking in the sites that some of the top European countries have to offer. Whether you are looking for long straight roads where you can take in the scenery or some hair-raising bends where you can feel the adrenalin surge through your body, Europe really does have some of the best road tours around. Here are a few suggestions for you:

 German gun enclosure



There are two incredible routes that you can take whilst visiting France these are the Verdon Gorge tour and the Normandy beaches.

The Verdon Gorge is nicknamed ‘Europe’s Grand Canyon’ and is situated close to Nice. When you travel along the route you can make the option to drop down and ride through the middle of the gorge or you can continue to travel along the edge of the top of the canyon. The views are spectacular.

The Normandy beaches tour is popular with both history enthusiasts and others alike. You travel from Rouen to Le Mont Saint-Michel monastery along the coastal roads taking in the view of the beaches made famous for the role they played in the D-Day landings. There are many German bunkers, gun enclosures and of course numerous war graves for you to stop and look around on your journey.


The Bergen to Geiranger route takes around seven and a half hours to complete. During your tour you will travel by ferry across some of Norway’s beautiful fjords and will travel along the incredible glacial valleys. At the end of the journey you will cross Norway’s longest fjord – Sognefjorden and end up at Geirangerfjord which is a UNESCO site known as the Seven Sisters waterfalls.

 Stunning Italy


The Amalfi coast in Italy has all that you would want to experience from a Mediterranean coastal journey. Travelling from Salerno through the beautiful town of Sorrento and then on to Naples will take you around five hours, if you do not stop along the way. But once you view the spectacular sea view and the incredible architecture of the buildings clinging on to the cliff sides that plunge almost straight down into the crystal blue waters. There are many twists and bends along this coastal road and is known locally as the ‘Road of a thousand bends’.

There are many more incredible routes in other European countries that are worth exploring, including the Romanian Transfagarasan Highway; the Black Sea coastal route in Turkey from Trabzan to Sarsat and the Icelandic Ring Road.

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