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Enjoy Christmas Day on your Motorbike

Christmas day is a great day to head out on a motorbike ride. The roads are at their quietest wherever you live, so you won’t have any traffic jams or rush hour commuters to contend with. If you were lucky enough to get some new motorbike gear in your stocking, any tools or gadgets, new leathers, or a motorbike accessory to keep you cool when riding, it is the ultimate chance to test all your new toys out!

Christmas day on a motorbike

Being in the middle of December, Christmas day tends to be a bit chilly, so make sure that you stay warm! Layering is a good idea, so if you do feel that you are getting a bit too warm on your ride, you can discard some of the layers. If the weather is more rainy than white, don’t forget a decent waterproof covering, both for your body and for your boots as there is nothing more uncomfortable than damp socks!

The Christmas period is generally a good time to enjoy your motorbike as if you are lucky you will have a few days off work to enjoy it and so will everyone else which means less of a traffic nightmare! Many people like to use the time to take trips further afield to enjoy the scenery (weather permitting of course!) – the Scottish Highlands, the Peak District, the Lake District and the Welsh Valleys are all stunning scenic routes that you may wish to take if you have the time.

Travelling further afield on your motorbike

When heading further afield on your bike, or off out to somewhere unfamiliar, it is particularly important to make sure that you have a fully charged mobile phone with you in case you do get into any trouble on your trip, and around the festive season in particular keep an eye on any weather reports – although a white Christmas isn’t as common these days, it is worth checking for snow, ice and fog in the area you are travelling to and if in doubt, don’t travel.

When riding during the winter, the low winter sun is another hazard that is often not considered as we are all so preoccupied with the cold in Britain! A tinted visor has to be the must have Christmas gift for anyone wanting to enjoy riding in the winter in particular. Failing that, make sure you have a decent pair of sunglasses with you if you are going to be riding on a sunny winter day!

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