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Different types of motorbike races

The world of motorsport is greatly improved by the inclusion of the many type of motorcycle racing that can be viewed. Ever since the first petrol engines were added to anything there was interest in how fast it could go and what could be done to see them compete. There are many varieties of motorcycling racing and we shall look at some of them here. Whether you compete or watch then the Best Summer motorbike gear should always be worn to protect you and help you look go doing it.

 Motocross racing

Motocross – This is very exciting and muddy version of the sport that sees a large field take to the hills and fields on specially constructed course for trial bikes. You need to have a bike with very strong suspension as there is a very good chance you will be thrown into the air and the landing is pretty bumpy so you’ll need strong knees too. The track if you could call it that is set out in the countryside usual set on the side of a hill. Its not called scrambling for nothing as you’ll need to have you wits about you any error is punished and you’ll find yourself in the safety tape.

Trialist - Not a race as such more of a time trial around a set of obstacles that need to be cleared without putting a foot down or falling off. This involves mini jumps and riding over barrels or even an old car. This requires great skill and timing by the rider and it makes for a very tense watch from the audience as see the bike and ready in perfect unison. Or not as they end up on the ground with the bike spinning off into the distance.

 Motorbike racing

Speedway – Amazingly this stems from the old days of Penny Farthing racing that went around and oval. Speedway is a huge test of skill and speed but as the bikes are all of a same standard it is mainly down to the ability and the positioning of the rider. There are 4 racers and four laps. The riders do not brake as such but lean the bike into the bends trying to take the best line to exit the bend at speed. Naturally there is a lot of competition for the best line and that is where the exciting racing begins as the 4 riders spar with each other for the line. Its very rare for a rider to have a great lead and if they do you can see the other three still fighting it out. Speedway is loud and visceral. It’s a very pure form of motorbike racing that has a loyal following. Its I raced on a cinder tracks and its not unusual to find the track also being used for Greyhound racing. Its not a good idea to sit on the bends of a speedway track.

Road racing – This is the most famous type dominated but the British and World Superbikes competition. The 250cc class and upwards formulas are a hotly contested series that take place on some of the best tracks in the world. Its close and fast and thoroughly entertaining.

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